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the insertion of a vowel or consonant into a word to make its pronunciation easier

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Note, however, that the -e- in the words seli, setu, sete, seli, seli/selja possibly resulted from the same phonological process, namely a so-called epenthesis (which is found in many areas where Dardic and West Pahari is spoken; it is discussed below in section 13).
seli 'bran' see above section 4 where I have suggested an effect of epenthesis.
This research observed that all English complex vowels such as diphthongs and triphthongs are simplified in the English speech of L1 Shona speakers through phonological processes such as glide epenthesis, monophthongization and substitution of diphthongs with monophthongs.
Among their topics are phonetically-driven epenthesis asymmetries in French and Spanish obstruent-liquid clusters, Romanian diphthongs as a case of complex nuclei in articulatory phonology, and perseverative phonetic effects in bilingual code-switching.
Epenthesis involves a violation of faithfulness because the epenthetic segment has no counterpart in the input.
ayan ([right arrow] a + an, with the epenthesis -y-) from that; ~-ku from here, thus
Converging evidence for the size and complexity of the prosodic word is reviewed, stemming from morphological processes such as compounding, derivation, and classification as well as from phonological processes such as coalescence, epenthesis, and deletion.
For instance, the change of the Old English past tense form worht- (cf wyrcan 'work') to wrought involved vowel epenthesis, or insertion, followed by vowel deletion; cf.
Hence, a special development, an epenthesis, must have occurred in Leivu which created preconditions for the gemination of the weak grade reflex of * ht that must have been * j, cf.
add [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "reed" M145:9 by epenthesis of qny' borrowed from M q'yn'; [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]: correct to [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
The alternative to phonological duplication is typically epenthesis of a default segment to serve the same structural phonological role.
2) the epenthesis theory: the change involved a diphthongisation of the target vowel and the subsequent monophthongisation of the diphthong,
Posti actually speaks about velarization of g and epenthesis of u; it is reflected also in his and L.
Egyptian oases and Bani Swayf region (north of Asyut) (Behnstedt and Woidich, 47), normal form in Chad (general Egyptian no epenthesis, biyigri, etc.
The cophonology of the progressive suffix (call it "A") ranks Dep-C above Max-V, favoring vowel deletion; the cophonology of the adverbial and future suffixes (call it "B") has the opposite ranking, favoring consonant epenthesis, as shown below: