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Currently, when neural stem cells are harvested for growth in culture, however, the ependymal cells are not removed along with them.
Ependymal cells that line these ventricles have hair-like extensions that are thought to promote the normal flow of fluid.
The lateral ventricular wall consists of four layers with various thicknesses and cell densities: a monolayer of ependymal cells (layer I), a hypocellular gap containing astrocytic processes (layer II), a ribbon of cells composed of astrocytes (layer III), and a transitional zone into the brain parenchyma (layer IV) (9).
The injection of purified Ad-vectors into the lateral ventricles of adult mice leads to the transduction of ependymal cells aligning the lateral ventricles (Fig.
AMP deaminase in rat brain: localization in neurons and ependymal cells.
Immunohistologic analysis confirmed systemic infection and revealed influenza virus nucleocapsid protein in 1) ganglions of the adrenal medulla, 2) ependymal cells of the central nervous system (associated with marked lymphocytic meningitis and perivascular cuffing), 3) thymus epithelia, and 4) epithelia of the exocrine pancreas (Figure 1).
These lesions are thought to arise from subependymal glial cells, although other considerations include astrocytes from the subependymal plate, ependymal cells, and mixed ependymal and astrocytic cells (2, 5).