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a fencing sword similar to a foil but with a heavier blade

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The Kuwaiti team to the tourney includes 24 fencers in the three categories, sabre, epee and foil.
Harvey goes into the Games in fine form - having won gold in the under-17 epee category at the Scottish National Championships for a second successive year.
In the men's epee, Taylor and Willis made it through to the medals where Willis fought Oliver Steed and Taylor had the opportunity to avenge Atanasov when he faced Geoffory Corcoran of Ireland.
Spectators were reportedly informed that Lam remained on the epee stage because a formal appeal was being considered and if she left the field of play it would be deemed an acceptance of defeat.
The foil is 110 cm long and weighs 500 grams, the saber is 105 cm long and weighs 500 grams, while the epee is 100 cm long and weighs 770 grams.
Meanwhile, Wrexham Fencing Club triumphed at the Liverpool University Team Epee fencing competition.
While Epee thus became an important symbol for partisans of sign language, not least because his work sustained the belief that the deaf were indeed capable of intellectual rigor, oralists mirrored his insistence on French as the language of true integration.
Competition will take place in foil, epee and saber in a team format.
There are three disciplines - Epee, Foil and Sabre.
In epee, opponents use a heavier sword and can score points by striking the tip of the sword on any part of the opponent's body.
Any undertaking fencing should have Modern Fencing: A Comprehensive Manual For The Foil, The Epee, The Sabre as a basic 'bible' of information: it's not casual overview but a very detailed, in-depth 'lesson plan' on how to use the three basic weapons of fencing.
Inside his SwordPlay Fencing Studios in a downtown Burbank brick building, Weske gives lessons in Olympic-style fencing - foil, epee and sabre - and stages combat for film and television to more than 100 students, from beginners to advanced ages 6 and up.
Fencers from the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, USA, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand will compete in team and individual events across foil, sabre and epee categories, and many will use this event as a warm-up to the Olympics in Athens.
Epee (pronounced ay-pay') isn't an imported bottled water or something you see at the opera.