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a fencing sword similar to a foil but with a heavier blade

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The youngster has been involved in fencing for four years and was a finalist in the 2016 National Leon Paul Junior Epee Series.
The Epee Defender size and shape resembles the ones of a quality key-ring.
The foil is 110 cm long and weighs 500 grams, the saber is 105 cm long and weighs 500 grams, while the epee is 100 cm long and weighs 770 grams.
Meanwhile, Wrexham Fencing Club triumphed at the Liverpool University Team Epee fencing competition.
Tom Sheppard, 14, is also heading for the finals after clinching the gold medal in the Under-14 Epee Cup at Packwood Haugh in Shropshire.
Competition will take place in foil, epee and saber in a team format.
There are three disciplines - Epee, Foil and Sabre.
Algunos miembros de la EPEE pertenecen al Comite Tecnico Europeo del Fluorocarbon, que a su vez forma parte del Consejo de la Industria Quimica Europea (CEFIC), uno de los aparatos de cabildeo mas efectivos de Bruselas.
Any undertaking fencing should have Modern Fencing: A Comprehensive Manual For The Foil, The Epee, The Sabre as a basic 'bible' of information: it's not casual overview but a very detailed, in-depth 'lesson plan' on how to use the three basic weapons of fencing.
Inside his SwordPlay Fencing Studios in a downtown Burbank brick building, Weske gives lessons in Olympic-style fencing - foil, epee and sabre - and stages combat for film and television to more than 100 students, from beginners to advanced ages 6 and up.
2) Branson and Miller pinpoint the great divide between Britain and France in the education of deaf children from the era of Epee and Thomas Braidwood.
Fencers from the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, USA, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand will compete in team and individual events across foil, sabre and epee categories, and many will use this event as a warm-up to the Olympics in Athens.
Epee (pronounced ay-pay') isn't an imported bottled water or something you see at the opera.
Fencers use any of three weapons: foil (43 inches long; a 17-5/8-ounce button-tipped version of the old rapier), epee (also 43 inches; heavier at 27 ounces, blunt tipped, and derived from an early dueling sword), and saber (41 inches; the thin, rectangular blade weighs 17-1/2 ounces).