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adornment consisting of an ornamental cloth pad worn on the shoulder

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On the Great Barrier Reef, the epaulette shark (at less than 1m long) hunts for food when the tide is out and he knows that the 12m-long whale sharks have swum out to deeper waters.
To avoid danger, epaulette sharks Pcan also walk across land using their fins.
Epaulette sharks can also walk across land using their fins to avoid danger.
com vvAustralia Epaulette leads Darley one-two in first Group 1 of season
The government also reinstated the executive curl, a loop on the braid of a naval officer's rank insignia on the topmost stripe of a tunic sleeve or epaulette.
Twenty-four of these were reef fish, including two species of epaulette shark, one of which appears to 'walk' on its pectoral fins.
Note also the epaulette effect of the fabric or hide inserted into the sleeve seam at the shoulder.
The reef fish matched the performance of the epaulette shark, famed for surviving oxygen drops in tide pools cut off from the surf, Nilsson and Sara Ostlund-Nilsson report in an upcoming Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B.
Like twisted strands of golden thread forming the braid of an epaulette, he conveys stories of the end of the Roman Empire, the time of the Black Plague, and the years of World War If.
Using just two fingers, you're supposed to gently pet the backs of the smaller bamboo, nurse, epaulette and zebra sharks in the open tanks - most of whom slump to the sandy bottom when they're not being fed.
He merely reached to see her epaulette number so he could report her: there was no physical contact.
The jacket models have the DUI logo on the pocket, epaulette and weight pockets.
Why was a police epaulette ripped from an officer's uniform found only yards from Vernon's body?
Military influences include an epaulette here and a pocket detail there but essentially the look has to be girlie at all times.
As a special design feature the well-known footwear Formstrip is incorporated into the epaulette.