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a province in ancient Greece

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a diocese of the Eastern Orthodox Church

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The Armenian Catholic community of Aleppo dates back to the 1700s; as of 2008 there were 17,000 Armenian Catholics belonging to the Eparchy of Aleppo, and many have left since the beginning of the Syrian conflict.
Roughly during the same period in which the Orthodox Church's communique was issued, the Bishop of The Reformed Eparchy of Ardeal, Pap Gheza, according to the media, was stating:
With regard to the teaching of religion, the Russian Orthodox Eparchy of Finland was founded to "take special care" of the population's Orthodox minority, as the tsar and his servants put it: This new Russian bishop had his see in Vyborg.
When they are to decide who will take over the Polog-Kumanovo eparchy, whether it will be young Josif or someone else, the archbishops should get reminded if archbishop Kiril's statement thanks to which the young Josif has now the right to decide about important issues.
Father Antoine Tarabay was appointed Bishop of the Eparchy of Saint Maroun of Sydney in Australia.
Georgian Eparchy of the Armenian Apostolic Church to the Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili's statement about release of the
2004), an appendix to the journal Pravoslavnyi letopisets Sankt-Peterburga; and a fairly long list of works by church historians on the history of the Russian Orthodox Church in Uzbekistan, including some published in journals of the Tashkent and Central Asian eparchy (see the electronic archive of the almanac Vostok svyshe (wwv.
The Islamic Religious Community refused to comment on the incident in Gostivar, while the eparchy of Polog and Kumanovo said they have been watching closely how the situation unfolded.
The Patriarch of Russia said one of the tasks of the newly created eparchy in Kyrgyzstan would become development of the inter-religious dialogue and cooperation, strengthening of the national unity so that the country would gain peace, economic and spiritual prosperity.
The church has succeeded in establishing an eparchy only in Qatar.
His Grace John Michael Botean, Bishop of the Romanian Catholic Eparchy of St George (Canton, OH) and co-patron of the conferences since their inception, voiced his conviction that meetings such as this witness to the ineluctable, inescapable meaning of Christ's Incarnation.
Paul Chonmycky, Bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Stamford, and Most Rev.
Our Lady of Mercy, which has a membership of about 100 families, is an Eastern Rite Catholic Church and is part of the Eparchy of St.
Eparchy of Montenegrin and Skenderian Zivanovic, N.
On arriving in Sydney he sought to establish a Maronite Eparchy (14) with the intention to encourage the language, symbols, values, history and tradition, which embody Maronite culture.