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a bishop or metropolitan in charge of an eparchy in the Eastern Church

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the governor or prefect of an eparchy in ancient Greece

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Fantasy Zhu Xian" will also be the first online game to adopt Perfect World's proprietary engine EPARCH, which targets the market for 2D online games.
Moreover, I have received no communication from His Holiness that any of my powers as eparch have been diminished.
Isidore Borecky, retired Eparch of the Ukranian Catholic Greek rite Eparchy of Toronto passed away at age 92, the same day that a new bishop for the eparchy, Father Stephen Chmilar, 58, was ordained and installed.
Winnipeg--On June 30, 1973, Eparch (Bishop) Vasyl Velychkovsky, a refugee from persecution in his native Ukraine, died in Winnipeg.
SsR (Redemptorist), Eparch (bishop) for Slovaks of the Byzantinerite in Canada, died January 16, 2003, at the age of 81.
The entire Catholic population--only a few hundred--was bolstered for the occasion by Catholics from neighbouring countries (with the exception of Armenia, which has ongoing political problems with Azerbaij an), local Orthodox Christians (one eparch under Moscow's jurisdiction), and many Muslims.
Eparch Hajjar became well-known to Canadians when he baptized pop-star Celine Dion's baby in Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal.
The group includes Mykola Charnetsky, apostolic eparch of Volyn and Pidlyashia, and 25 companion martyrs; to the above martyrs must be added the young Ruthenian Bishop Theodore Romzha, apostolic administrator of Mucacheve, Ukraine, and Emilian Kovtch, priest of the Eparchy of Stanislaviv (now Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) who died in the concentration camp of Majdanek in 1944.
John Pazak, CSSR (Redemptorists), 54, was made Eparch (bishop) for Slovak-rite Catholics in Toronto, a position that had been vacant since the retirement in 1996 of Eparch Michael Rusnak, CSsR.