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immediate rephrasing for intensification or justification

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The very last chapter, artificially attached to the romance after its first issuing and designed to satisfy readers frustrated by its unelucidated "mysteries," appears as the ironic ultimate epanorthosis of a text ridden with hesitations and stammers, condemning the reader to interpretation (over and against fixed knowledge): "I know, but may not tell.
Starting from an analysis of an extract from Marivaux' Journaux and from Lesage's Gil Blas de Santillane, he demonstrates that epanorthosis is not simply a rhetorical figure but also gives the discourse an ironic effect, thereby criticizing 'l'hypocrisie mondaine' (p.
Starting with the Sonnets, Hammond argues that Shakespeare "seems addicted to multiple definitions which by their sheer proliferation over-delineate, perpetually redescribing the young man, the poet, and their relationship" (63), through the use of correctio or epanorthosis, and paradiastole (redescription).
I use the term epanorthosis here with the implications established by Richard Mullen, who relates it to Bishop' s attempt to give her poetry a deliberately informal and spontaneous look, close to surrealist practices (68).
Still, it is difficult to distinguish between metanoia and epanorthosis, sometimes called "correctic.