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deductive reasoning in which a conclusion is derived from two premises

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1993) Retorica, Induccion y Ciencia en Aristoteles: La Teoria de la epagoge.
En cuanto al uso de la epagoge por parte de Socrates para obtener el consenso y comprension de Agaton respecto algunos puntos de su argumentacion ver nota supra.
Uses of the term epagoge in the rest of the corpus are more cursory and individually of less substance.
The best place to begin a study of Aristotelian epagoge is not the Analytics, but the Topics and the Rhetoric.
In every example in the Topics and Rhetoric of what Aristotle labels epagoge, the particulars subsumed by the generalization are, as here, countless.
That he there makes no mention of epagoge is suggestive but the substance of his comment even more so.
11) The claim is completely out of character with every other case in which Aristotle says he is giving an example of epagoge.
POLO, Conocimiento del hombre desde una epagoge sistemica: los tipos humanos, pro manuscrito, 3.
Aristotle holds that it was Socrates who first made frequent, systematic use of epagoge in his elenctic investigations of various definitions of the virtues (Meta.
El cientifico natural acepta hipotesis--su hipotesis principal es que la naturaleza es movil--solo si puede exhibirse como sosten de las mismas una base inductiva, si ellas pueden hacerse evidentes por induccion (delon d' ek tes epagoges, I 2, 185a4-15).