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infectious disease characterized by inflammation of the meninges (the tissues that surround the brain or spinal cord) usually caused by a bacterial infection

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One such threat includes an increasing prevalence of angiostrongyliasis, which should receive increased scrutiny in patients with eosinophilic meningitis from localities characterized by paratenic and intermediate hosts.
Enzootic Angiostrongylus cantonensis in rats and snails after an outbreak of human eosinophilic meningitis, Jamaica.
5] circulating antigen in the serum of patients with eosinophilic meningitis or meningoencephalitis and to estimate the diagnostic accuracy of the method.
Patients in the Department of Pediatrics at Chong-Ho Memorial Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University (Taiwan, ROC), with eosinophilic meningitis or meningoencephalitis with clinical syndromes including severe headache, stiffness of the neck, and intermittent fever and eosinophil counts >8% of leukocytes in CSF smears were involved in this study.
cantonensis is endemic in rats in Asia, the Pacific Islands, China, Australia and parts of North and South America, where human cases of eosinophilic meningitis are common.
Wider range for parasites that cause eosinophilic meningitis.
In Cuba, as in Hawaii, no other cause of eosinophilic meningitis was identified.
We report a case of eosinophilic meningitis and lumbosacral myeloradiculopathy caused by A.
To the Editor: Angiostrongylus cantonensis is a zoonotic parasite that causes eosinophilic meningitis in humans after they ingest infective larvae in freshwater and terrestrial snails and slugs, paratenic hosts (such as freshwater fish, shrimps, frogs, and crabs), or contaminated vegetables.
During November 2004-January 2005, 5 cases of eosinophilic meningitis (EM) attributable to Angiostrongylus cantonensis infection were reported in Hawaii.
procyonis eosinophilic meningitis without any recognizable neurologic deficits.
Fatal autochthonous eosinophilic meningitis in a Jamaican child caused by Angiostrongylus cantonensis.
Eosinophilia is a typical characteristic of eosinophilic meningitis or meningoencephalitis caused by A.
This mode of transmission was reported in a human outbreak of eosinophilic meningitis in Jamaica, where disease was correlated with eating Caesar salad (16).
After an outbreak in 2000 of eosinophilic meningitis in tourists to Jamaica, we looked for Angiostrongylus cantonensis in rats and snails on the island.
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