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a theropod dinosaur of the genus Eoraptor

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Paleontologists changed their minds about Eoraptor after they unearthed yet another close relative: Eodromaeus, a small, fleet theropod whose name means "dawn runner" (SN: 2/12/11, p.
Sereno got the honor of naming Eoraptor, which means "dawn plunderer," a small, two-legged carnivore that looks a bit like a more graceful, miniature Tyrannosaurus rex, just 3 feet long and about 1 foot tall at the hip, with lightweight hollow bones.
Student Ricardo Martinez found the fossilized Eoraptor less than a mile from the place where, in 1988, Sereno discovered a nearly complete skeleton of the oldest known dinosaur, Herrerasaurus.
Careful examination of the fossil made it clear that Eoraptor represents a very early stage in dinosaur evolution.
Naming the creature Eoraptor, Sereno unveiled the specimen earlier this month at a press conference and in the Jan.
Because it is the most primitive dinosaur ever found, Eoraptor provides an unprecedented look backward into the earliest evolution of these beasts from an ancestral form that spawned all later dinosaurs.
The Eoraptor and Herrerasaurus skeletons found by Sereno and his colleagues come from the Ischigualasto Provincial Park in northwestern Argentina.
As dinosaurs go, Eoraptor was tiny, reaching only a meter long.
Even Herrerasaurus, a contemporary of the 225-million-year-old Eoraptor, seems specialized in comparison.
Other parts of the Eoraptor anatomy also come close to that of the ancestral dinosaur, although the new fossil does show some specialization.
During the dinosaurs' heyday, long after Eoraptor had vanished from Earth, the ornithischians, sauropods, and theropods each evolved specialized bodies suited to their modes of life.
To visualize that ancestral dinosaur, many paleontologists have looked to a small reptile called Lagosuchus, which lived in the Ischigualasto region in the mid-Triassic period, 10 million years before Eoraptor.
According to Sereno, the primitive nature of the Eoraptor skull supports the theory that dinosaurs arose from a common ancestor and only later developed specializations that would split them into ornithischians and saurischians.
Some of the earliest dinosaurs were Herrerasaurus (huh-RARE-uh-SAW-rus) and Eoraptor (EE-oh-RAP-tur).
Other meat-eating dinosaurs besides dromaeosaurids carry the name "raptor," including the toothless Oviraptor (OH-vuh-RAP-tur), which means "egg thief," and the dog-sized early meat eater Eoraptor (EE-oh-RAP-tur), which means "dawn thief.