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a crude stone artifact (as a chipped flint)

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Eoliths, archaeological ambiguity, and the generation of 'Middle-Range' research, in D.
Cue to get those puzzling eoliths out of the bottom drawer .
explaining that the supposedly Lower Palaeolithic eoliths on p.
329-31), the main debates have concerned the nature of the Ice Age(s), the occurrence of implement makers before and in between these ages, differences between river drifts and cave dwellers, Quaternary stratigraphy, Eolith controversies, natural fracture and East Anglian pre-Palaeolithic claims--variously implicating such protagonists as Evans, Christy, Lyell and Pengelly, Dawkins and Geikie, W.
In section 3 we evaluate some important early sites by the issues in the eolith debate.