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a crude stone artifact (as a chipped flint)

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Thus, while the work of Dubois, Leakey or Tobias is explained by empirical luck, methodological rigour or theoretical sophistication, the Piltdown fraud, the Moulin Quignon mandible and the eolith debate are treated in terms of externalist parameters.
This has led to controversy from the 'Antiquity of Man' debate in the early 1860s, to the eolith problem at the turn of the century, and even today about the earliest occupation of Europe, the subject of the present book.
In section 3 we evaluate some important early sites by the issues in the eolith debate.
explaining that the supposedly Lower Palaeolithic eoliths on p.
Cue to get those puzzling eoliths out of the bottom drawer .
Nearly four decades later, Burkitt still lived in a world of eoliths and coups-de-poing, in the innocent world of pre-World War I Stone Age archaeology.
No other distinctions are taken note of, so `British Isles' equally includes contributions to do with eoliths, the Upper Palaeolithic, Bronze Age, Roman, medieval and modern times; Europe equally from earliest times through the Classical into the modern worlds.