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the branch of biochemistry dealing with the chemical nature and biological activity of enzymes

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Biotechnology of microbial xylanases: enzymology, molecular biology, and application.
Moleculartesting is increasingly used in place of immuno-histology or enzymology methods to detect and monitor genetic diseases, including: (1) DNA sequence analysis to detect single nucleotide and insertion/deletion polymorphisms (SNPs and DIPs, respectively, associated with cancers and many other genetic disorders), and (2) DNA fragment analysis to detect and quantify genetic variations.
Dr Kuate's areas of specialization are enzymology, protein purification, protein characterization, biosynthetic pathways, volatile and non-volatile extracts and analytical chemistry in which he authored several publications.
Kathryn Colelli, a member of the College of the Holy Cross class of 2013, has been awarded a Beckman Scholarship, to conduct high level research on mechanistic enzymology, with Kenneth Mills, associate professor of chemistry.
In a recent publication in the influential Methods in Enzymology [ref.
This volume, edited by Economou (Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Foundation for Research and Technology, Greece), collects 26 papers detailing methods and protocols for investigating these processes, including investigations with bioinformatics, proteomics, fundamental enzymology and genetics, cell biology, structural analyses, and biophysics.
The understanding of the processes of recognition and repair of DNA lesions by the repair machinery is a multi-team effort involving several research disciplines such as organic synthesis, biochemistry and enzymology.
Laboratory medicine testing: specimen interferences and clinical enzymology.
The clinical chemist, however, was called on to assist the ordering physician in test interpretation because few clinicians were well versed in acid-base balance tests for liver and kidney diseases and enzymology.
Clinical enzymology can be thought of as the "application of the science of enzymes to the diagnosis of disease" (Moss & Henderson 1999).
Over the years, Weissbach's research interests have focused on the areas of enzymology, protein synthesis, regulation of gene expression and oxidative stress.
Food Biochemistry & Food Processing is very highly recommended as a basic and seminal text and professional reference for the study of the food sciences, including biochemistry, enzymology, and food processing.
Information: Frederic Carriere, Laboratory of Enzymology at Interfaces and Physiology of Lipolysis, UPR 9025 CNRS, 31 chemin Joseph Aiguier, 13402 Marseille cedex 20, France, +33-4-9116-4134, fax: +33-4-9171-5758, e-mail: carriere@ibsm.
He previously worked at GE Healthcare/Amersham, where he held numerous leadership roles in a variety of technology areas, including molecular diagnostics, gene expression and genetic variation, and protein microarray development, genomics reagents, and protein engineering and enzymology.