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a person who is trained in or engaged in enzymology

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For students of protein structure, metabolism, and cellular signaling, Walsh (biological chemistry, molecular pharmacology, Harvard Medical School), a leading enzymologist, examines major classes of posttranslational modifications (PTMs) that account for the diversity of protein structure and function in living cells.
Klinman, an enzymologist at the University of California, Berkeley.
Gunter Fischer, preeminent enzymologist at the Max-Planck Institute; and Dr.
Thierry Michon, formerly an enzymologist for the National Center for Scientific Research in France, Dr.
Goodhue cultured the organism and then assigned Roy Snoke, a newly hired enzymologist, the job of isolating the enzyme and determining how it could be used.
Wilkinson was an internationally recognized clinical enzymologist and a founding member of the International Society of Clinical Enzymology.
He intends the material to be useful for practicing enzymologists involved in early stage drug discovery.
For graduate students, researchers, and scholars, Grosjean (structural enzymology and biochemistry, Universite Paris-Sud and Institut de Genetique et de Microbiologie, Center of National Research, France) compiles 41 chapters by geneticists, structural enzymologists, and molecular biologists from Europe, North America, and Japan who discuss aspects of DNA and RNA modification-editing processes and repair mechanisms.