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Synonyms for digestion

Synonyms for digestion

the process of absorbing and incorporating, especially mentally

Words related to digestion

the process of decomposing organic matter (as in sewage) by bacteria or by chemical action or heat

the organic process by which food is converted into substances that can be absorbed into the body

learning and coming to understand ideas and information

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The CM peptide was cleaved into two peptide fragments, Ala-His-Gly-Lys and Lys (CM)-Val-Leu-Gly-Ala-Phe-SerCys, by this enzymatic digestion.
The BstNI approach used was essentially the same as described in the enriched BstNI RFLP/PCR approach, with the only difference being that no enzymatic digestion was performed after the second-round amplification.
The therapeutic approach now under development at Axentis Pharma enables these proteins - which are still functional despite their mutated structures - to escape enzymatic digestion.
Apart from its rich and varied expertise in protein modification through chemical conjugation and enzymatic digestion methods, Goodwin Biotechnology also offers unique specialties such as the production of Fab and F(ab')2 fragments and their subsequent purification as per client specifications.
Enzymatic digestion or absorption in this region is unlikely, because the proventricular cells, like those of the crop, did not exhibit characteristics of absorptive or secretory cells.
5, which could possibly influence the results derived from techniques based on restriction enzymatic digestion and/or bisulfite modification, comparing two different methods.
Their stability to enzymatic digestion may also permit oral therapy.
Procurement Full Platform Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Mass Spectrometry for Proteomics Applications Full Platform Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Mass Spectrometry for Proteomics Applications Include: High Resolution Mass Spectrometer, Liquid Chromatograph Uhplc, It & Software, Accessories and Consumables Possible Applications Must Include: Characterization of Protein Complexes with High Molecular Weight and or the Least, Identification and Quantification of Native Proteins and or Enzymatic Digestion By Unmarked or Marked, Differential Protein Profiling, Analysis Postranslationale Modifications (Ptm) Validation Opportunity Biomarkers (Mrm)
Energy utilisation within the small intestine is a result of enzymatic digestion of glucose which is suggested to be more efficient than the rumen due to reduced fermentation, heat losses and methane production (Huhtanen and Sveinbjornsson, 2006).
Of course, although ESI-MS of the globin chains can detect [+ or -]1 Da mutations, precise identification requires enzymatic digestion.
The structure/function claims that may be used for the ingredient, a proprietary extract of the white kidney bean, are as follows, according to a letter issued by the FDA: "May assist in weight control when used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise program," and "May reduce the enzymatic digestion of dietary starches.
These include incorporation of insulin in muco (bio) adhesive polymeric carriers that would adhere to intestinal mucosa and facilitate absorption, (ii) enteric polymer coating to protect the drug as well as the carrier system from digestion in the stomach, (iii) incorporation of proteolytic inhibitors in the system to prevent insulin from intestinal enzymatic digestion, (iv) incorporation of mucous production suppressors or penetration enhancers to increase bioavailability.
Single cell suspensions were then prepared either by sequential enzymatic digestion (Nagano et al.