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giving or marked by complete attention to

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The Warmaster's Daughter" is a novel set among the nations of Mitoch and Fairgos, as lady of privilege Aurora becomes enwrapped in the shadowy side of the conflict.
At the back of my head were Norwegian poet Henrik Ibsen's words: Nature in night doth nestle enwrapped in oblivion's dream the soul then prepares its vessel to voyage on Memory's stream.
The SF enwrapped in PU fibers and clotted onto fibers were like a knot of fiber (Fig.
MOONBEAMS have been the darkest These have been the darkest of days The loss of our dearest mum You function on instinct Sleep patterns destroyed You are enwrapped in loss Grief overwhelms you Tears fill every waking hour And yet .
provides a succinct illustration: "First bamboos shoots, enwrapped by green shells, / New rushes, enfolded in purple buds.
He was inside, soaked, yet feeling gently gripped, then tightly enwrapped in the pulsing velvet muscle that drew him, sucked him, pulled him further and deeper toward the blackness he felt coming.
Lisa--so enwrapped in her romantic daydream, so desperate to improve herself for Stefan (not that he ever asks her to), so willing to prove that "she is not like the others" (the girls at the shop who regularly go home with the customers)--cannot take the first step towards real communication.
By day 90, the enwrapped healing tissue was found pushing the necrotic debris at the interface and to some extent within the grafted matrix, undergoing moderate resolution.
His thesis is as follows: "James Brooke led an extraordinary life but in the past he has been so enwrapped by the unavoidable myths of empire, positive and negative, that the man himself has been hard to see.
Overlapping layers of frilly lace (actually delicate porcelain-dipped lace that has been fired) comprise the lower half of the figurine, from the singular waist of which bizarrely emanate the upper bodies of three females, bent over, hands raised over their heads, over and behind which rises a handle-like, heart-shaped arched form enwrapped in twining vines.
431); he is enwrapped by fiery ash and pitch-black darkness that prevents him from seeing (Ov.
In his short reaction to his father (43:5), Judah speaks a doubling enwrapped inside a doubling.
The tsunami that struck the length of Sri Lanka's eastern coast and enwrapped the island had a devastating effect.
The flavour of mysticism, increasingly surrounding the Christian God as a result of the attempt to establish its paradoxical triunity, is perceived unfailingly in the Cappadocians who enwrapped the Godhead, by their special interest in the Holy Spirit, in a yet darker cloud of secrecy.
Illustrations, engravings, cartoons, and photographs, which are expertly reproduced in this book, were all part of a wider visual culture that enwrapped and mediated the dramatic encounter between the Chinese workers, the Crispins, the photographers, and the entrepreneur.