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The law envisages a prison sentence from five to ten years for "buying" of votes.
I don't envisage any problems with the meeting going ahead.
In turn, the agreement between Iran and Azerbaijan envisages cooperation in the implementation of railway projects.
The five-year programme for 2010-2014 envisages the construction of 15.
His proposal complements a recommendation in the Parkinson Report on the Birmingham city centre masterplan, which envisages the council raising money against its huge property portfolio - unleashing in excess of pounds 1 billion.
Evidently, the Grassley-Baucus bill envisages an IMF reform that will transform the Fund into an agency that deals with the problem of "fundamental misalignment" of currencies.
NICS envisages many applications for the new variety, including noodles, breads and Japanese-style confectionery.
The structure of the book envisages a uniform treatment of the material in all chapters: a summary of Aristotle's text, followed by an account of various Greek commentaries, followed by Arabic versions of Meteorology by Ibn al-Bitriq and Hunayn ibn Ishaq and an Arabic version of the paraphrase by Pseudo-Olympiodorus.
1483 that envisages the lifting of economic sanctions against Iraq.
THE master plan envisages an economy built on new and expanding businesses, new commercial and leisure projects and new homes.
Now this is not the only time the Old Testament envisages a cosmic trial.
It also envisages 300 job losses are envisaged in the next five years.
The firm also envisages the possibility of using the chip as a co-processor in desktop PCs to drastically improve speech applications performance, in the same way that graphics accelerators speed 3D graphics rendering - a possibility we first mooted in Computergram last year (CI No 3,449).
Retallack of the University of Oregon in Eugene envisages the Ediacaran fossils as the remains of large lichens that covered much of Earth during Precambrian time.