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Operations director at Envisage, Adrian Coppin said: "Having this enhanced capability will enable us to push the boundaries of our manufacturing capability and the resulting uplift in business we are predicting over the next few years should enable us to generate additional job creation for CNC machinists and ultimately create additional jobs for the other model making and design disciplines that support it.
The plan also envisages to containing public debt to 61% by 2013, whereas it projects ''positive but slow growth of 0.
Evidently, the Grassley-Baucus bill envisages an IMF reform that will transform the Fund into an agency that deals with the problem of "fundamental misalignment" of currencies.
I do not envisage the latter such approach becoming a reality for at least another decade, and I do not believe the former approach will succeed; though it is worth the major effort being invested.
The second envisages a business culture driven by fundamental values and a deep sense of purpose in which wealth is accumulated to generate a decent profit while acting to raise the common good.
Obviously what you can envisage living on yourself is determined by the background, the career and the income you have had,' said the former director-general of the CBI.
Notwithstanding the deficiencies of the test methods, it is difficult to envisage how a hole of ten microns or less in diameter could occur in a condom.
The Envisage Group, which is a major supplier to the automotive industry, has also announced plans to expand its base as it prepares for the growth of new design and modelling projects.
Le secteur envisage aussi la mise en place de parcs eoliens sur le Littoral de la Mer Rouge avec des capacites estimees a 1000 Megawatts.
The changes envisage regular and frequent phytosanitary inspections to be made with precisely determined methods.
This comes after CPP Global Holdings sold its CPP Manufacturing arm out of administration to fellow Coventry-based business Envisage Group.
MORE than half of all shoppers across the North West envisage they could do all of their shopping online in the future, according to a new survey.
When the time comes for him to sharpen his quills for the last time, I envisage a statue, on the Grangetown Embankment, with him stroking a Korean dog, along with a Hayes pigeon perched on his shoulder.
Mr Turner, former director general of the CBI, said in an interview with GMTV's Sunday Programme, ``Obviously that partly reflects that what you can envisage living on yourself is determined by the back-ground that you have had and the career you have had, and the income you have had.