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Its environmentally friendly "green" products support the mandate of the Chinese government to increase crop yields for the purpose of decreasing China's dependency on food imports.
Sierra Organics has a well established distribution channel for its lines of more than 34 premium and environmentally friendly products and has made a name for itself among high-profile and affluent clients in the Western United States as they look to Sierra Organics for premium and one-of-a-kind products.
com/research/2ff67f/china_environmenta) has announced the addition of the "China Environmentally Friendly Warm or Cool Mattress Market Analysis 2009" report to their offering.
With a focus on full realization of sustainable potentials to support highest values of the green design development and maximize LEED achievements for our clients, Floor Fantasy presents a sustainable standard of choice: Environmentally Friendly Exclusive Signature Style Green Line Bamboo Flooring Collection to achieve higher standards of sustainability in the development of high performance Buildings.
Trap Man said he wanted $150 to kill my wife's gopher environmentally.
This ability to protect Georgia's environment through certifying areas which are environmentally sensitive further enhances our effectiveness to preserve land, wildlife, precious water resources, and more," said DNR Commissioner Joe Tanner.
This fourth volume of the series, Environmentally Conscious Alternative Energy Production, will describe and compare the environmental and economic impacts of renewable and alternative conventional power generation technologies.
The Albanese Organization is widely credited with introducing environmentally advanced urban living to the United States with The Solaire, the nation's first environmentally engineered residential tower.
The General Claims page, accessible through the Label Category pull-down menu, currently lists 43 nonspecific claims that might show up on labels, including dolphin safe, earth smart, environmentally friendly, and recycled.
Environmentally correct telephone users are hooking up with eco-friendly (and socially responsible) long-distance services.
The system is unique in that it does not utilize additional batteries for energy storage but instead combines a custom generator and propulsion unit, making it very environmentally friendly.
The Albanese Organization is known for its pioneering work in environmentally sustainable development, where energy efficiency is a key component.
The purchasing mechanism is a promising channel for action that can be used to promote the use of environmentally preferable products in the health care industry; health care facilities can improve environmental performance and still decrease costs.
A rhetorical question indeed, as Domini and Kinder go on to note how large commercial banks, infamous for their inappropriate, ill-conceived and environmentally destructive development loans to the Third World, drain money from the hinterlands and pour it into the controlling hands of central banks.
Hospitals buy tens of thousands of computers, and their purchasing dollars can and should support environmentally preferable choices in manufacturing and disposal of electronic equipment," said Sarah O'Brien, H2E/Hospitals for a Healthy Environment Environmental Purchasing Program Manager, who worked with Premier to integrate environmental criteria into the contract process.
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