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Synonyms for environmentalist



Synonyms for environmentalist

someone who works to protect the environment from destruction or pollution

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Bjorn Lomborg, an associate professor of statistics at the University of Aarhus, describes himself as a suburban environmentalist who sent the occasional check to his local Greenpeace chapter.
In the course of The Skeptical Environmentalist, Loinborg demonstrates that the environmentalist lobby is just that, a collection of interest groups that must hype doom in order to survive monetarily and politically.
But capping carbon dioxide emissions from power plants was a good start for environmentalists and would set an important precedent for imposing mandatory restrictions.
Environmentalists who had embraced Lula's eco-friendly campaign platform had expected a much more green conscious president.
It is this, corporate shift, environmentalists say, that offers the most promise for moving the green economy from niche player to business as usual.
And environmentalists have realized that upholding basic civil and political rights is one of the best ways of protecting the environment;
Rather than face that reality, environmentalists increasingly invoke "sustainable development.
Environmentalists win the fight in Mexico's Baja California Sur over a salt mine that would endanger the gray whale.
While Kjos claims to be an environmentalist, the "environmental" organization she supports--the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (C-FACT)--favors increased use of herbicides and pesticides, relaxing federal air and water quality standards, and repeal of the Endangered Species Act.
Why is it that environmentalists from the rich countries are talking about successes making wildlife havens in countries with corrupt administrations and poor and oppressed farmers?
Candaele, 50, was leading Mark Gonzaga, 43, of West Hollywood, a teacher, producer and environmentalist who was making his third run for the board.
Faced with the issue on the campaign trail, the visionary environmentalist looked like a deer in the headlights.
It's made up of 23 professional bodies like the Institution of Engineering Designers, all of which are licensed to assess and register their members as Chartered Environmentalist (or CEnv).
IN OCTOBER THE maverick environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg asked 24 ambassadors and high-level diplomats to answer everyone's favorite fantasy question: If you could spend $50 billion to better the world, what would your first priority be?
After an introduction and a first chapter that describes the positive pre-lockout relations between labor and management as well as the negative feelings for environmentalists among OCAW workers, who before the dispute viewed demands for a healthy workplace as threatening to high-paying jobs, Minchin divides his book into six additional chapters each correlating to one year of the BASF lockout and which together trace the rise of this labor-environmentalist alliance.
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