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Fifty years ago cow-to-cow transfer was the most common reason for cases but environmental mastitis is now the most important cause.
The approval for Pirsue comes on the heels of Upjohn's recent United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) licensure for its vaccine used for the prevention of environmental mastitis by Escherichia coli.
Alcide udder care products have proven to be the most efficacious available with unique benefits in the prevention of contagious, as well as environmental mastitis.
While there's a good understanding of how important the practice can be, the value of routine cluster disinfection in environmental mastitis control appears to be noticeably less well appreciated.
24 /PRNewswire/ -- The Upjohn Company (NYSE: UPJ) has received a national license from the United States Department of Agriculture to market its Escherichia coli Bacterin, (J-5 strain), a vaccine used for the prevention of environmental mastitis caused by E.
General cleanliness, correct stocking densities and a comfortable, clean dry bed all have a beneficial effect, not only in preventing environmental mastitis, but also on the incidence of lameness.
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