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Washington, May 16 (ANI): Bones degrade and fracture differently under certain environmental conditions like sun, shade or in water, concludes a new Baylor University study.
In addition, coverage can be provided for third-party bodily injury, property damage and cleanup cost claims, including defense costs, caused by an environmental condition at the insured property once it is in the lender's possession.
MUSCAT Eoe1/4" A seminar on the assessment of environmental conditions in the Sultanate began at Crowne Plaza Hotel here yesterday under the auspices of Mohammed bin Khamis Al Uraimi, undersecretary at the Environment and Climate Affairs Ministry.
In the process of the Phase I ESA, a recognized environmental condition (REC) is uncovered.
Simply put, the process of assessing and mitigating the environmental condition of a property is daunting at best, and excruciatingly slow and costly at worst.
With the exponential increase in technological and computational capabilities including molecular techniques, remote sensing technology, modeling and statistical sophistication, data management and storage, and internet communication, analysis of biological communities as indicator signals of environmental condition and change will rapidly advance.
The 200-plus page report confirmed a Daily News investigation that the developer failed to properly inform the state Department of Toxic Substance Control and the Los Angeles city Fire Department about hazardous environmental conditions at the downtown site, which sits atop an active oil field.
Oswiecim - Kety,- Multivariate concept- Preparation of the Information Card projects and EIA Report (if required),- Obtaining a decision on the environmental conditions the project,- Develop a functional program - utility
Tortoises make good long-term barometers of environmental conditions in the desert because they live for 100 years or more, said Kristin Berry, biologist for the U.
SAN ANTONIO -- Southwest Research Institute has developed a "super cell" to evaluate the effects of altitude and other environmental conditions on performance and pollutant emissions of heavy-duty engines, with interactions of fuels, lubricants and catalysts.
Buildings that are not well maintained can contribute to poor environmental conditions, and the nation's crumbling school infrastructure is a prime example.
Based on programmed thresholds, this fault tolerant system will examine important environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, power and sound.
Now, in a novel and promising approach, researchers at the Centre for Public Health Research at Queensland University of Technology are applying computer modeling techniques borrowed from the fields of economic theory and corporate strategy to study the effects of environmental conditions on disease incidence [EHP 109:1271-1273].
The advent in the 1900s of public health nursing--a term coined by Lillian Wald to describe her efforts to improve environmental conditions through nursing, communication, and even cultural enrichment among immigrant populations in New York City--also contributed to today's understanding of this field of nursing.
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