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The senior players and the supporters have suffered years of anguish in the Heineken Cup and enviously watched on as Munster and Leinster consistently reached the quarter-finals and beyond.
Now she's a proper mega-star, she'll be able to hire nubile slaves in loin cloths to feed her Gregg's doughnuts while all those horrible skinny pop tarts with Atkins breathlook on enviously.
Viewers watch enviously as lucky contestants battle it out to win a fortune.
British players can only look on enviously as Russia, Argentina, France and the United States move forward into the semi-finals of the world's most important tennis competition.
With the Fir Park club sitting at the bottom of the Premier League and looking enviously at the pounds 1.
CROATIAN striker Nikica Jelavic will watch enviously from the sidelines when Rangers take on Manchester United at Old Trafford tomorrow.
The 22-year-old winger watched enviously while his Everton team-mate shot to Premiership fame and England honours this season as he languished in the Blues reserves.
Scots Under-21 boss Bonhof has watched enviously as the Irish have made significant strides after investing big at grass roots level.
It was the Scot's tenth goal in the league this season and once again Norwich could only look on enviously at someone who can put the ball in the net.
Naomi, 38, who still regularly models, also showed off an enviously flawless figure in St Tropez.
He had to get some mileage out of all that airbrushing and Botoxing," Cowell explained as he enviously eyed goodie bags carried by Fran Drescher, Kim Kardashian and other departing guests.
And with its growing appeal to shoppers, it continues to cause head-scratching among the big four mults, who have looked on enviously at the simplicity of its supply chain.
So while most other coaches looked on enviously as the All Blacks swept aside Italy, Portugal, Romania and Scotland in the group phase, it was actually their fault that the Kiwis were sent packing by the French in Cardiff.
WHEN his friends are tucking into bags of sweets, five-year-old Thomas Littler can only watch them enviously.
Meanwhile, the Dingmans are forced to stare enviously at what might have been.