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surrounding and closing in on or hemming in

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But in revenge I followed Eliza into the dimly-lighted passage, where, under pretence of helping her on with her shawl, I fear I must plead guilty to snatching a kiss behind her father's back, while he was enveloping his throat and chin in the folds of a mighty comforter.
He that finds God a sweet enveloping thought to him never counts his company.
He puffed awhile in silence at his pipe, enveloping himself in the smoke.
Buck multiplied himself, attacking from all sides, enveloping the herd in a whirlwind of menace, cutting out his victim as fast as it could rejoin its mates, wearing out the patience of creatures preyed upon, which is a lesser patience than that of creatures preying.
The day had come, and a heavy mist had descended upon the land: the mist penetrating, enveloping, and silent; the morning mist of tropical lands; the mist that clings and kills; the mist white and deadly, immaculate and poisonous.
The heat of the tropical East de- scended through the leafy boughs, enveloping my thinly-clad body, clinging to my rebellious dis- content, as if to rob it of its freedom.
Long, flowing, and curling tresses of hair, still blacker and more shining than her robe, fell at times about her shoulders, completely enveloping the whole of her delicate bust in their ringlets; or at others streaming in the wind.
Contract notice: Enveloping, preparation of packages and routing for the Regional Council of Nord Pas De Calais needs in school management and support services through work
Enveloping the reader in the sights, sounds, armchairs, this colourful tome is a welcome addition as it tours the Moroccan city of Marrakesh from a design perspective.
Even 30 years after they were introduced, much remains mysterious about Lie superalgebras and enveloping algebras, says Musson (mathematics, U.
The sculpture--inspired by a photo of John Paul II enveloping a child in his cloak--was approved by city and culture ministry officials as well as the Vatican's fine arts commission.
With a message reaching out to readers and guide them through the ideals of love and insights of life, Wings Of An Angel contributes rare and intricate stylings for a unique projection of an enveloping dialect.
Overlooked by neighbours, the introduction of light through vertical incisions avoided the need to break up the roofscape, thereby allowing it to be read internally and externally as a unified enveloping surface.