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Synonyms for envelop

Synonyms for envelop

to cover completely and closely, as with clothing or bandages

to surround and cover completely so as to obscure

to surround and advance upon

Synonyms for envelop

enclose or enfold completely with or as if with a covering

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They warned that giving separate envelop was illegal.
No longer limited by a physical flat monitor set-up, Envelop for Windows is the best way to experience immersive computing by running any existing Windows application in a virtual environment.
He joins Envelop from Austin & Halleck Gun Crafters, where he was vice president of sales and marketing.
AnGes MG is also applying for a patent on the HVJ envelop vector in Japan, Europe, Canada, Australia, China, Korea and Taiwan.
The envelop in which the cartridge was sent did not bear a return address, and the place where it was posted remains unknown because the postmark was unreadable, they said.
CalculatoKCaaioDJ 120T/Citizen) Carbon paper,Cello Tape(Big),Cello Tape (2 inch),Gunny Bag,Country Twine(Suthli),Correction Pen Correction Pen,Cup & Saucer (6 pieces),Cloth Cover Envelop 10"x8" (50 Nos.
But Andre's inclination to envelop the spectator physically can also be fulfilled in wood.
But mission scientists said they didn't expect the storm to grow into one of the monster storms that periodically envelop much of the planet.
1 channels are played back through a home theater system, with six speakers placed around the room to envelop the listener in sound and draw them into the center of the action.
2) The device, which is soon to be available in the United States, is designed to exploit sharks' sensitivity to electrical fields and can envelop a diver for 90 minutes in a 12-volt electrical field.