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Synonyms for envelop

Synonyms for envelop

to cover completely and closely, as with clothing or bandages

to surround and cover completely so as to obscure

to surround and advance upon

Synonyms for envelop

enclose or enfold completely with or as if with a covering

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He joins Envelop from Austin & Halleck Gun Crafters, where he was vice president of sales and marketing.
Further, in collaboration with Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, the company is distributing GenomeONE, a gene transfection kit that uses the HVJ envelop vector, in Japan.
The envelop, addressed to his daughter, Yuko Obuchi, was likely posted in Osaka on Sunday, police said.
Even if a dust storm were to envelop the landing site during Pathfinder's 30-day mission it is unlikely to drastically affect mission operations.
2) The device, which is soon to be available in the United States, is designed to exploit sharks' sensitivity to electrical fields and can envelop a diver for 90 minutes in a 12-volt electrical field.
Letter Heads (Official) 400 ,Letter Heads(Individual)(15 officers) 80,A-4 Envelop with address printed (clothed) 60,A-4 Envelop with address printed (without cloth)60,B-5 Envelop with address printed (clothed) 20 B-5 Envelop with address printed (without cloth) 20,Small Size Envelopes with address (10X4 .
Tenders are invited for Envelop Of East Coast Railway Window Type .
8 Envelop Size 9" x 4", Brown, good quality Nos 10000
The bureaucracy of system police is silent, formless--it has no backbone--and insidious in the way that it envelops an organization.
Instead, he decomposes and chops, steps and subtracts, envelops and adds to forms while seeking to deny frontality, break alignments and amplify contrasting geometries.