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inability to control the flow of urine and involuntary urination

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The bed pads are placed under the sheets of the target enuretic child's bed with the perforated pad on top.
At least 90% of enuretic children have primary nocturnal enuresis.
Once we are happy that she won't start bed-wetting again, we are going to give the alarm to our local enuretic clinic.
The growing suspicion that heredity plays a role came from the knowledge that the fathers of enuretic children frequently acknowledged having the same problem at that age--permitting the doctor to predict that it would cease at the same age at which it did for the father.
in the study of sixty-five enuretic patients (who) showed that the removal of certain specific foods from the diet resulted in the complete control of bedwetting.
Genetic studies have demonstrated that especially 12q, 13q and 22q constitute the enuretic gene family (17-19).
Since some children who have sleep-disordered breathing have been shown to also be enuretic at night, enuresis and snoring may be in and of itself a reason for a polysomnographic evaluation.
In a survey of enuretic children, bedwetting was ranked as the third most severe event in their lives, behind divorce and parental fighting.