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The frequent repetition of terms such as "help" and "collaboration" confirms the fact that the enunciator interprets the organizational action in terms of reciprocal support.
The analogy between the organization and the hen is precious for the enunciator in order to comment on the narrow-minded behavior of the management.
The enunciators of this discourse are the neo-liberalism ideologues--advocates of unregulated or essentially laissezfaire global capitalism--and those who unknowingly help to disseminate this code by word or deed.
The virtue is that its enunciators, their subordinates, the relevant public, and adversaries will all possess a clear guideline to which they can adjust their behavior.
The Evolution of Telecommunications exhibit featured a display of more than 200 telephones, switchboards, ringers, enunciators and related artifacts, ranging from the oldest and rarest, to the most familiar and modern.
Using visible and/or audible enunciators, the alarm console identifies the location of the event where the alarm was triggered.
Second-person fiction particularly lends itself to such rigorous and radical deconstructions and therefore helps to question the narratological necessity or primariness of categories like story and discourse, the narrator figure, the system of interlocking narrative and communicatory levels, and the basic (realistic) presupposition that enunciators and characters exist (physically) on some level of the fictional world.
Applications include: control of valves and dampers for temperature and air quality; regulation of heating, cooling, and ventilation; operation of boilers; activation of enunciators and indicators; variable speed regulation of fans, pumps, and other motors (e.
The IPS Intelli-Barrier product line integrates vehicle barriers with various state-of-the-art threat detection sensors, including CCTV, laser curtain intrusion detection, wide-area lighting, and audible enunciators, to secure the access points and perimeters of critical infrastructure facilities.