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The frequent repetition of terms such as "help" and "collaboration" confirms the fact that the enunciator interprets the organizational action in terms of reciprocal support.
In this excerpt, the enunciator manifests his sorrow for the loss caused in consequence of the railroad concessions sale.
This is an attempt at exploring the relationship between the enunciator and the enunciation, the position of the subject self, the self that speaks in relation to the discourse it produces.
The segment begins (shots 1 and 2) by "introducing" the two main characters (a condensation of their first meeting in the film's extended opening sequence); it unfolds through the accelerating pattern of alternation (shots 3-11) that establishes Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart) as the enunciator of "truth" (through a privilege of speech) and Vivian (Lauren Bacall) as the object of investigation and scrutiny (a privilege of image); finally, along with the narrative admission of their love for each other, the segment returns (in shot 12) to the two characters together, the couple established (reiterated in the film's final segment).
Her husband retired from the fire department in 1969, and one of his prized possessions was an enunciator box, a gift to him from the company that leased it to the county.
In many of the choruses the first person enunciator ("io") is clearly identified as the Dido of the Aeneas-Dido myth.
The "I" of the cogito guarantees that it is the enunciator that is speaking/thinking.
Actions may include but are not limited to; event-driven camera recording and communication, triggering of an enunciator or alarm, and connection to an alarm panel.
These theories do not mesh well with the sense of increased Hanbali action in the streets in this era, but Cook argues that the shift to a positive attitude towards the state evidenced in the treatments is crucial to explaining the increased vigilance evidenced down to the sixth/eleventh century (with Ibn al-Jawzi being the best enunciator of the position).
The sensors provides a 4-20 mA transmitter output, a switched output for control or enunciator functions, and local display of system pressure.
Adam, apart from the references to Eve at the beginning and end of his speech, thus presents himself to her in relatively impersonal terms as the superior enunciator of public values: they are to obey the Law, keep horticultural order, enjoy each other, and praise God.
It took a while to get there, I guess, but it's finally over,'' said Boulanger of Calgary, Alberta, who also won the first race aboard Enunciator.
In Butor's novel no first-person pronoun indicates a narrator from whom the words emanate: Benveniste's I, which must exist as enunciator of the you, simply does not appear.
It also offers an LCD module, potentiometer, joystick, LEDs, an enunciator, and plenty of "bread-boarding" space for custom projects.