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His narrative style is soothing, and he enunciates clearly.
IRS Chief Counsel Notice CC-2003-012, 12, April 9, 2003, enunciates new procedures to be used under the IRS' policy regarding requests for tax accrual and other financial audit workpapers relating to the tax reserve for deferred tax liabilities, and to footnotes disclosing contingent tax liabilities appearing on audited financial statements.
He has taken that power unto himself, as he enunciates the Bush doctrine of permanent war.
Fighting Words enunciates itself in three parts, seven chapters, numerous sections, copious notes, a glossary, and an extensive and invaluable list of works cited.
Consequen tly, when the pope speaks solemnly in the name of the Church, he enunciates that universal faith which Christ commissioned his Church to proclaim (Catechism, par.
ColorCheck"(TM) is a small hand-held device that quickly determines the color of an object and enunciates the color.
Fraser, who enunciates crisply, has an almost childlike voice.
Snow don't fall in Houston, Texas/ Hurricanes rarely visit New York,'' she enunciates exquisitely on the ode to opposites-attract passion, ``Kindred Skin'' - and, as she does on many of the cuts here, Franke makes you feel privy to every complexity of an intimate relationship.
To his credit, Moore enunciates these lines carefully, and he also makes some interesting comments about the poems' compositional and biographical contexts.