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It appears, therefore, that there is a direct conflict between the position enunciated in the Papal document and the CCCB's paragraph 26, regarding the possibility of observing God's law against contraception.
Talking to journalists at his residence in Panjgoor on Thursday, he enunciated while alleging state what he called being a party in the killing of Balochs.
ISLAMABAD, 07 April , 2009 (Frontier Star) -- The Prime Minister while expressing his satisfaction on the continuing parlays between the two sides on every aspect of their multifaceted relations hoped that the US Government would take into account his governments concerns about the new US policy towards Pakistan and Afghanistan as enunciated by President Obama on March 27.
108(e)(6), enacted as part of the Bankruptcy Tax Act of 1980, provides an analysis, which, although intended to reverse the rule enunciated in Putoma, can reach the same result, albeit via a different path.
Robinson, vicar of African-American Ministries, Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, said the purpose is to make real the dream that the late civil rights leader enunciated in the 1960s.
SA8000 is a standard developed by SAI based on principles enunciated in International Labor Organization Conventions and the United Nation's Declaration of Human Rights and Convention on the Rights of the Child.
ISLAMABAD, January 25, 2010 (Frontier Star ): Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has emphasized that adherence to trichotomy as enunciated in the Constitution is imperative for good governance which alone could help resolve the challenges confronting the country.
Muhammad Anwar, Wadood enunciated that the Nawab Akber Khan Bugti and other hundreds of Balochs sacrificed their precious lives for the Baloch cause and their sacrifices should be valued.
The allegations against President Clinton, even if true, do not warrant the impeachment of the president under the standards enunciated and followed in 1974 by both the Judiciary Committee majority and the similar standard signed by committee Republicans (including current Senate Majority Leader Lott).
Support of Minister Lopez-Murphy enunciated by both the Frepaso and Radical members of the Alliance government is a good sign, as is agreement on cabinet positions.
During the official opening of the annual Infocomm Exchange 2013 (imbX), this was enunciated by Singapore Minister for Communications and Information Dr Ycob Ibrahim.
The standard argument is certainly correct, but somehow it has failed to persuade many people since it was first enunciated by Adam Smith and David Ricardo.
As lawyers, judges and servants of the justice system, we have a particular obligation to observe this date and renew our commitment to the rule of law and the principles which are enunciated in the sacred documents that were written and adopted in this city," Gordon said.
The Nigerian government said private jets being used for illegal charter services are robbing the country of massive revenue at the expense of registered commercial charter operators covered under the general aviation rules enunciated by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority ( NC).
The essential game plan for world government through world "integration and convergence" was publicly enunciated in April 1974 through the pages of Foreign Affairs, the CFR's house journal.