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someone who collects census data by visiting individual homes


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Summary: ABU DHABI -- The enumerators of the Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi started their three-day preparation for the national project of "Abu Dhabi Census 2011", which is regarded as the largest project to count the population of the emirate and identify their characteristics accurately.
On Monday, the Economist visited the Khomas region Windhoek West Constituency office, around 10:30 and observed enumerators still waiting to be transported to their designated geographical areas.
Fox Systems' NPI Enumerator operations will continue to be based out of its Fargo, North Dakota Customer Contact Center.
Ms Cullen added: "Given the extensive contact with the public, it is important that enumerators have patience, tact and consideration.
In some places, such as, markets, the counting will remain till later time as most of the residents in these places are expatriates who are available at all time, so the enumerator has to visit them in later time to collect their data.
CUTLINE: "The Mustard Seed on Piedmont Street was my first assignment," Census enumerator Harry Albert said of the soup kitchen in Worcester.
First mail-out decennial census; most households were asked to complete the questionnaire and hold it until an enumerator came to pick it up.
Indeed, they may not have been at home when the census was taken, or deliberately evaded the enumerators.
Jim Balfour, brother and press agent of Morag Balfour, said: "Our feeling was that the enumerator had made a political statement to a large audience.
If the enumerator comes knocking at your door, there are some things that you should know.
It is estimated that the requirement to conduct an actual count will increase Census Bureau hiring requirements from 450,000 enumerators and to support a staff of 850,000.
An enumerator will have identification and in many cases will be carrying a black bag with the Census logo on it.
of Portable Document Formal (PDF) files contaning pages approximately 02 to 519 pages (A4 size with Spiral binding wfr transparent plastic sheet in front and back srie and with attached wiling pad lo prepare National Population Register database booklet 1370 instruction manual and supply of stationary kit for each enumerator which include stapler, Ball pen (red and blue), pencil, eraser etc.
In Hyderabad every enumerator was given 40 house numbers, only to find out on the ground that even an apartment complex with 75 to 100 flats also had a single number.
A Whilst there was a legal requirement to provide correct information to a census enumerator if they called on the night of the census, people often misled them with false data, or in many cases simply did not bother to provide an accurate age, occupation or place of birth.