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that can be counted

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The families of recursively enumerable and context-free languages are denoted by RE and CF respectively.
This issue aside, neo-formalism still faces Godelian worries, which is to say: so long as theoremhood in the relevant formal systems is recursively enumerable, mathematical truth will outstrip formal proof.
The point is that languages are not really definable or enumerable in any easy way, and linguists that have claimed to do so with too much assurity have not helped understand how languages are used.
Exposure of sensitive data through a mobile device might cause enumerable damage.
We noted that some enumerable things (for example, the cows in the field,) do not contain number, since they lack the unity requisite for number itself.
SIGMA] is of finite type (SFT) if F can be taken finite, effective if F can be taken recursively enumerable.
As Roger Williams noted, the Bible provided enumerable arguments for the godly community, and '[w]hen the Righteous rule, the people rejoyce'.
We salute her courage, her enumerable sacrifices, her tenacity she has suffered.
All of this implies that any military engaging in battle should have a keen understanding of the battlefield: the culture they are immersing themselves in; the key local, regional, and national players; the motives of the people; and other factors too enumerable to list.
In the last few years, for instance, we have seen the Gaza Freedom March, the heroism aboard the Mavi Marmara, and the tireless efforts of enumerable organizations and individuals working to bring Israeli war criminals to trial and to end the Gaza siege.
Other chapters describe the properties of recursively enumerable sets, the link between computability theory and Godel's incompleteness theorem, relative computability and degrees of unsolvability, and polynomial time computability.
6 Wicked problems do not have 6 Ideological and cultural an enumerable (or an constraints.
As a result, the ontology of coercion favored by this approach is likely to seem less straightforward: coercion need have no particular effect on any particular coercee and, in some cases, its effects may not be straightforwardly enumerable in terms of actions taken or foregone.
Career resiliency means the ability to weather enumerable storms over time and bounce back in the face of failure.
The benefits of competition in this industry are enumerable, and they keep on accruing, extending to other sectors of the economy.