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remove the nucleus from (a cell)

remove (a tumor or eye) from an enveloping sac or cover

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Some serve as sources for ova, others are used as surrogates to carry the embryos that scientists create by enucleating an egg and fusing it with cells from the dog being cloned.
20) These factors suggest that primate reproductive cloning using the squish method--the most effective method for enucleating unfertilized eggs--would be impossible, for two reasons.
MR images can now be incorporated in a real-time, 3-dimensional fashion into the surgeon's console for use in mapping, detecting, locating, and enucleating myomas.
Having two right-handed instruments gives the surgeon the ability, at any point in the operation, to manipulate the uterus or the fi-broid(s) with two graspers, and to be fairly self-sufficient in enucleating and retracting the fibroid(s) as well as in closing the myometrium.