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remove the nucleus from (a cell)

remove (a tumor or eye) from an enveloping sac or cover

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La lettura sperimentata dal saggista e puntuale e si protende verso una meta dimostrativa da raggiungere grazie a un percorso di immagini via via evocate ed enucleate nel testo preso in esame.
The preferred method of removing these tumors is to open the capsule and enucleate the tumor.
The PlasmaKinetic family of products offers urologists an entire line of instruments to vaporize, vapour seal, resect, enucleate or incise prostate tissue.
Holmium-Yag laser was the first energy used to truly enucleate the prostate off its surgical capsule; the term HoLEP (holmium laser enucleation of the prostate) was introduced by Dr.
In part, redefining and reclaiming the role of authorial intention, this article is an invitation reconsider the relevance of these features as pragmatically expressive (as opposed to being merely artisan or ornamental or algebraic): it looks outwards to the wealth of worthy criticism that enucleates these "precise mechanisms" in poetry.