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We believe in a virtuous circle entwining the food chain, human beings and Mother Earth: each is reliant upon the others through a beautiful and delicate symbiosis.
In 1967, Robert Joffrey's Astarte placed an entwining duet amidst filmed close-ups, strobe lights, and rock music.
The camera can't resist zooming in for extended, extreme close-ups of their entwining tongues.
For nearly 20 years, Allen has inspired audiences with his unique twist on the greatest story every told, entwining law and religion to reveal the astonishing truth behind Christ's crucifixion.
Their dance was an accelerated display of toes stabbing the floor, legs entwining or soaring into high extensions, jumps in attitude by one of the partners or simultaneously with the pair locked in a wild embrace.
Designed for the Windows95(R)/Windows98(R)/Windows NT platforms(R), Unreal transports one or more players to a beautiful yet deadly planet which, as a result of a mysterious ore, has become the "Bermuda Triangle" of space, entwining alien races from across the galaxy in a battle for survival.