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In a final step, I will touch on this entwinement and suggest that the notion of experience is a more fruitful category for cognitive or phenomenological approaches to narrative than fictional minds.
282) The decision, in turn, helped to reinforce the entwinement between religion and state.
The entwinement of returning to Holocaust sites and the writing of testimony differs in each text, demonstrating that the order of writing experience does not affect the pattern produced.
Similar patterns of the nature-grace entwinement could be traced in all of O'Connor's fiction.
Savall's work brings to appearance the ancient entwinement of the roots of music and the roots of religion.
The current entwinement of local health bureaus' financial interests in health service delivery with their enforcement duties has led to failure:
Of the inner circle of literary Agrarians, Robert Penn Warren is perhaps the most candid about the importance of economics to the discourse of Agrarian modernism when he addresses the entwinement of class and race in his essay for 17/ Take My Stand In "The Briar Patch" Warren ponders the issue of education for black Southerners and poor whites alike, whom he asserts were "just as much the victim of the slave system as the Negro" (258), although in the end he seems to reaffirm the inevitability of segregation as the central social order.
As we see, Robbins conceived of the market as a complex entwinement and mutual adaptation of autonomous actions and law-constrained reactions, of exogenous and endogenous changes unfolding over time.
New ways of thinking about emergency preparedness and its entwinement with communication have evolved since 9/11, Landau said, "unfortunately or fortunately.
While there was much talk throughout the summit about how patients, doctors, researchers and politicians need to change, there was surprisingly little overt mention of egregious profiteering by insurance companies, the layers of administrative cost they add to the healthcare equation, or the dangerous entwinement of the insurance industry with the rest of the financial sector.
Their affective bond was represented in multiple, often overlayered ways--a melodramatic entwinement, a substitute for family, an attempted courtship, an erotic encounter--that provided a larger backstory for the give and take of apples and ice cream.
Tat is, McGann has been writing about the entwinement of texts with their material conditions of reading and writing, the authorial intention behind their production, and the necessity to view texts not as material things but as material events (6) since Michaels and Stephen Knapp first argued in 1982 against any axis of interpretation that serves as the premise for the pairing of intentionality/materiality.
First, the entwinement of political and cultural radicalism in the communes indicates that the New Left and the counterculture converged not only along the west coast and in the heart land in the late 1960s, but in the northeast.
stereotype of the female liar, (58) this entwinement of chastity and
11) As such, it is important to examine these new institutionalized structures and their entwinement with private interests as potential sources of risk to that notion of impartial justice.