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The chef was a member of the blending team for entwine, which launched in 2011.
The Food Network logo is on the entwine bottle, and each showcases suggested pairings on the back label, taking the guesswork out of finding a tasty match.
Our solution which can be utilized in over 450 Indian Casinos nationwide is available today and we are glad Entwine has chosen to join us as leaders in this venture.
By Primo Dominie, Entwine has speed aplenty in her pedigree and this fast-run six furlongs ought to suit perfectly.
And connections can be richly rewarded when Entwine comes from off the pace inside the final 200 yards to land the spoils tomorrow.
Introduced in the second half of 2011, entwine tallied depletions of 152,000 cases in its first five months in the market, ranking 9[sup.
Our goal with entwine was to bring together Wente Vineyards' extraordinary winemaking talent with Food Network's culinary expertise and loyal audience of food and wine lovers.
By recommending off-the-shelf staples like potato chips and salami as well as grilled pork and shellfish, entwine celebrates all occasions, whether simple or elegant.
Partnering with Food Network for entwine was a natural step that we hope will encourage Food Network viewers, as well as anyone who is wine-curious, to become as passionate about wine as they are about food," said Karl Wente, Fifth Generation Winemaker at Wente Vineyards.
In a nutshell: Inspired by Bunraku puppet theater, the movie entwines three tragic love stories somewhat obliquely, but with ravishing visuals.
The highest-profile lesbian films in Berlin were shut out from the Teddies: Bob Gosse's Julie Johnson, which entwines Courtney Love and Lili Taylor; Lea Pool's Lost and Delirious, an emotionally intense schoolgirl lustfest; and Sande Zeig's stylized suspenser The Girl.
Additionally, readers of the BLEC Report(TM), 2nd Edition will begin to see how the Gig-E/MAN segment entwines with the in-building data and voice delivery segment.
The deal entwines two companies that are poised to rule the field of rheumatoid arthritis, with Immunex's blockbuster drug Enbrel the prized possession.