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The entryway is 800 metres long, and has been built at a cost of Dh11 million, according to the municipal and transport sector regulator.
A lot of businesses will simply use entryway floor mats, which are great if you use the right type and the right size.
Police said they recovered a blood-stained carving knife with a broken handle and a broken laptop near the entryway.
Developer/owner Lou Schickel agreed to not open the Woodland Heights/ Fairview Road entryway as a concession to gaining approval for the project in 2004.
Kennecott Eagle Minerals Company, the owner and developer of the Eagle nickel copper mine, has received approval from the Ingham Circuit Court to go ahead with building an underground entryway to the mine.
Later, when his shoes are stolen from the entryway of his home while he is tending to his niece's nosebleed, his wife remarks that the loss of his shoes is a "punishment.
Therma-Tru Doors, the most preferred brand in the business, has the solution--high-style, high-performance entryway and patio door systems.
Full communion (between the Anglican and Lutheran churches) provides an entryway into a new conversation about this and other places where women from the two churches might meet," she said.
Since pioneering the fiberglass door industry more than 20 years ago, Therma-Tru has built a legacy of leadership in fiberglass entryway innovation.
The design of the two-floor, 60,000-square-foot furniture gallery was led by New York-based James Harb Architects and boasts a dramatic, two-story glass entryway.
We even have distributors, who look at Elemica as an entryway into the industry, that will help acquire products from suppliers all over the world.
A post-Panamax ship now arrives once a week to the Tecon Rio Grande port, beating the neighboring port in Montevideo, which has begun to dredge its entryway to attract the colossal cruisers.
Just looking at the photographs, we hope, will make you want to visit your nearest public garden--and perhaps fill that entryway, patio corner, or windowsill with a garden of your own.
It features a very narrow antitheft tag detector antenna that attaches to an entryway doorframe, where it is virtually hidden.
People living in Tiverton Road and Olive Avenue, Wyken, are at loggerheads over a 6ft-high gate which was installed 12 months ago in an entryway between the two streets.