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a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

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These new PCs have been optimized to meet a range of users' needs, from families who need an entry-level PC for email and word processing to tech-savvy enthusiasts who want the hottest technology to enjoy gaming and digital media.
The company's current hard drive products include the award-winning DiamondMax(TM) and DiamondMax Plus line of products for mainstream and high-performance personal computers and consumer electronics applications, as well as the DiamondMax VL line for entry-level PCs, as well as the recently introduced Maxtor 531DX drives targeted for internet appliances and entry-level PC's.
Ideal for entry-level PCs, this member of the WD family offers the same quality, reliability and service that are inherent with all Western Digital-brand hard drives.
Peddie recommends that the PC industry create two classes of Entry-Level PCs, Corporate Entry-Level PCs for business; and Entry-Level Entertainment PCs (EEPCs) for gaming, DVD, video editing, and music.
1 is designed for applications that require low cost, high reliability, low acoustics, and the popular 40-Gbyte capacity sweet spot: office computers and entry-level PCs, mainstream PVRs, game consoles and audio jukeboxes, and other non-traditional markets like ATMs, security cameras, printers and Karaoke machines.
The company's entry-level PCs are now equipped with LCD flat panel displays and CD burners, with prices starting at just $699 (1) after $100 mail-in rebate (2) for desktops and $999 (1) for notebooks.
Narayanan Venkataraman, PC category manager for printing and personal systems at HP Middle East, said that the Bing systems was limited to entry-level PCs costing less than Dh1,000.