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the form of a word that heads a lexical entry and is alphabetized in a dictionary

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Carefully chosen entry words are drawn from the Qur'an itself.
The entry words are English translations rather than transliterations from the Arabic, so non-specialists as well as specialists can find topics they seek easily.
The second column shows the distribution of those word-types from the column 1 which are not connected by the tagger to the entry words ([UWT.
among 337 word-types starting with a-, unconnected to dictionary entry words, 134 (40%) are declared to become new entry words;
These cross-references also correspond to an appended list of Terms by Category that groups together entry words and phrases under headings such as "Actions," "Emotions" and "Body.
and more than 200,000 boldface entry words and forms.
In the program, different kinds of data, such as entry words, pronunciations, and definitions, are presented in distinct data fields.
Users can restrict their search to only the entry words of the dictionary for fast, efficient retrieval of words and definitions, or they can search the full text of all the definitions in the dictionary, a feature that makes it possible to find groups of words related to a single subject, such as "baseball.
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary For Kids" is based on the popular "Merriam-Webster Elementary Dictionary," a richly detailed book containing 32,000 entry words, their meaning, usage, synonyms and word histories.
From Seiko's Word Power collection, the American Heritage Dictionary/Personal Edition (WP-5400) provides more than 130,000 definitions for more than 70,000 entry words.