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Synonyms for entrust

Synonyms for entrust

to put in the charge of another for care, use, or performance

to place a trust upon


Synonyms for entrust

put into the care or protection of someone

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Entrust Technologies (Nasdaq:ENTU), today announced a contract with ING Barings, the corporate and investment banking arm of the ING Group, to develop a trusted e-business infrastructure for their e-business initiatives.
ING Barings plan to deploy its Entrust solution to 49 countries and over 10,000 users to enable secure e-business transactions between ING Barings' employees, partners, suppliers, customers and service providers.
This enhanced product broadens Entrust Technologies' ability to secure information and communications both inside and outside the boundaries of an enterprise.
Entrust Technologies is dedicated to ensuring the privacy and authenticity of data communications enterprise-wide.
In addition, the toolkit allows for the elimination of multiple log-ins or passwords since the same Entrust user profile that organizations now use for secure browsers, email and workflow applications can be used in conjunction with Java language applications.