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Synonyms for entrust

Synonyms for entrust

to put in the charge of another for care, use, or performance

to place a trust upon


Synonyms for entrust

put into the care or protection of someone

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The suit raised three tort claims: loss of consortium; negligent infliction of emotional distress; and negligent entrustment.
amp;nbsp;      Defendant was in a special and a fiduciary relationship with the Plaintiff and the Class by reason of their entrustment with credit card account and other nonpublic information.
The Fosun Pharma-contributed businesses have been segregated and, until such investiture, will be operated and managed by the Joint Venture under an entrustment arrangement.
in recent years pursuant to a General Entrustment Agreement.
As she explains in Il Dio delle donne (2003) and in the dialogues of Il posto vuoto di Dio (2006), such affective experience of God is an experience of transcending love, an entrustment (or abandonment?
The federal government's entrustment of these determinations to the legal justice system, people who regularly make decisions about the credibility of human actions, seemed appropriate, but the resulting child client ethnicity statistics have caused some (see, for example, Roberts, 1999 and Pelton, 1993) to question whether reasonable efforts are indeed being made.
Lucamante extends Muraro's theory of entrustment to revisit its conception by not creating another hierarchical relationship between the mother-daughter, but instead by acknowledging that "respecting the (literary) mother" can expose the young author's vulnerability (31).
The result can be a costly jury award or settlement ratcheted upward by the legal liability known as negligent entrustment.
It must be constituted through willing acceptance of entrustment among the parties.
Negligent entrustment laws will vary from state to state, but they require organizations to know if there's a reason why a particular driver should not be behind the wheel," Storey says.
Montrose Global Capital, MGC Leasing Inc and Bank of America were accused as failing to "use reasonable care in the entrustment, sale and disposition of this deadly instrumentality so as not to entrust and sell this deadly instrumentality o an unsuitable, unfit or irresponsible use".
Moreover, by automating the formerly manual process for setting up entrustment loans in U.
Al-wadi'ah is purely entrustment by one to another, either individuals or corporate bodies to be returned by the trustee anytime requested by the depositor.
the birth of the Church is set against the background of this type, possibly an interpretive transformation of this type to include Jesus deliverance of the world and the Church's entrustment with God's words for the world in all its diverse languages and cultures.