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(communication theory) a numerical measure of the uncertainty of an outcome

(thermodynamics) a thermodynamic quantity representing the amount of energy in a system that is no longer available for doing mechanical work

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We urge shareholders to follow the recommendations of Entropy and ISS and voteFOR the proposed transaction with Mellanox, andFOR ALL of the Company's highly qualified and experienced director nominees.
In this illustrative example, specific entropy is a quadratic function of the internal variables and their gradients:
TJaynes [9] proposed the principle of maximum entropy (POME) in 1957, their research pointed out that the statistical inference under the condition of the information shortage and incomplete probability space, should make full use of existing information, choose the entropy with the largest probability distribution, as the result of statistical inference.
From inequality (1), we can conclude that the entropy described by Clausius is just the research result of the appearances in the system, and the microscopic nature of entropy isn't explored.
The Information Entropy Weight (IEW) based on the information entropy of raw data (Zhang, 2011) is combined to MOORA method in this paper.
This is something we are promoting through an ambitious residency programme, involving the invitation of contemporary African artists to Sardinia, as part of "Beyond Entropy Mediterranean", to the open-air gallery of Mangiabarche and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Calasetta.
In a recent study, Risso (2009) used Shannon entropy to compare 20 stock markets of different countries in terms of informational efficiency.
The first term on the right hand side of the above equation represents the entropy generation produced by heat flow, the second term suggests the entropy generation duo to viscous dissipation and the last terms account for ohmic dissipation.
Figure 6 shows a comparison of entropy change of saturated vapor ammonia-water mixtures with respect to the entropy at zero ammonia mass concentration and plotted against ammonia vapor mass concentration at a pressure of 50 bar (725 psia).
The low level of cultural entropy and high level of similarity currently experienced signals that people in the UAE feel that the society is on the right track, he said.
Hiebert (4) and "Pierre Duhem, Entropy, and Christian Faith" by Helge Kragh.
ENTROPY Project is a game development group founded in 2011 by a small international team.
Since the introduction of Approximate Entropy (AE) by Pincus in 1991 (16, 19) for the analysis of heart rate variability, there has been increasing interest in the use of non-linear regularity statistics such as AE, as means of non-invasively identifying clinically relevant diseased and/or perturbed physiological states.
entropy (often conceived of as disorder) decreases over time in a closed system.
It turns out that entropy, a measurement of disorder, has been the missing key.