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Synonyms for entresol

intermediate floor just above the ground floor

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Many curious faces had already appeared at the windows and the people attracted to the end of the street began to run, first men, then groups, and then a crowd of people; hearing cries and seeing a chariot they could not understand it; but Friquet sprang from the entresol on to the top of the carriage.
And regaining his entresol he overwhelmed the coachman with every projectile he could lay hands on.
On the first floor, divided in two by an entresol, were the living rooms and office of Monsieur Ernest de la Briere, an occult and powerful personage who must be described in a few words, for he well deserves the parenthesis.
They could take the premier now, instead of the little entresol of the hotel which they occupied.
The example set by Vaux-le-Vicomte was scarcely followed, though one element of it did catch on: the double-height salon giving directly on to the garden, which was often redeployed in conjunction with flanking entresols housing more intimate rooms.