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willing to take risks in order to make a profit

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Entrepreneurial Spark, the world s largest free business accelerator, smashed its previous records for job creation, investment and turnover during 2014.
Recently, labor statistics indicated that the number of black entrepreneurs starting an entrepreneurial venture is growing at faster rates than whites.
But it's quite another thing to actually change thinking and adopt the entrepreneurial mind-set that can set you free (the Biblical lessons of John 8:32, "and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free") notwithstanding.
Often they remain employed only because they can point to measurable results and have used their entrepreneurial skills to create political support among key stakeholders like politicians, business leaders, parents, and the media.
Joining From the Outside The common thread among entrepreneurial initiatives seems to be that most entrepreneurs originate from outside the traditional district structure.
Paul-Minneapolis weighs the region's entrepreneurial climate from its founding through the better part of the nineteenth century.
Lifestyle entrepreneurs tend to open a business to fulfill a lifelong dream or to follow a particular lifestyle; they contribute to a region's entrepreneurial breadth by increasing the number of firms.
Kirbyjon Caldwell, a best-selling author and pastor of the largest United Methodist Church in America, along with coauthor and pastor Walt Kallestad, takes readers on an entrepreneurial journey that is mixed with faith.
Businesses United in Investing, Lending and Development; (BUILD) provides real-world entrepreneurial experience to young people from low-income communities in the Silicon Valley area of California.
If it wishes to eradicate the "imbalances" between supply and demand for new-technology goods and services, it must eradicate the entrepreneurial classes that are in the habit of running ahead of themselves in their mad dash to improve our lot with new technologies.
Original information developed specifically for this service by Entrepreneurial Edge provides clear and useful instruction on topics such as how to prepare a cash flow statement, how to create a sales brochure, and how to prepare a market analysis.
Entrepreneurial endeavors, on the other hand, are virtually all characterized by the leveraging of resources to achieve high returns.
The book's conclusion declares that America is on the verge of a monumental "revolutionary" shift from a managerial society to an Entrepreneurial Society.
Report includes state-by-state breakdown of entrepreneurial activity with Midwest and West having highest rates
Steve Lawrence, executive director of IYE, calls this kind of ingenuity "thinking outside the box," and says it's one of several identifiable characteristics that distinguish a child with entrepreneurial potential.
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