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a port where merchandise can be imported and then exported without paying import duties

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Our calculations imply that as much as a quarter of all Hong Kong entrepot trade to China may be accounted for by tariff evasion motivations.
Dubai, Sharjah, the UAE generally is a trading entrepot [or gateway] for the whole region.
The name of the province translates "granaries," as this region was the primary entrepot on the western borders of Lakhmid Kingdom.
Provigo, with its Loblaws, Maxi & Co, Maxi, Provigo, L'intermarche, Axep, Presto, and Club Entrepot Provigo banners, is the largest food retailer in Quebec.
Its purpose was to establish a colony and entrepot for trade between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
Some entrepot countries like Belgium have export ratios well over 100% as machines pass through their ports.
As colonization unfolds, a distinctive settlement structure or "colonization gradient" typically extends outward from an entrepot (Detroit) which links the new region to the long-settled area.
Productivity and entrepot type activities Entrepot Productivity Indicator Production value Labour cost/ per employee Non-industrial services costs Ir'000s [pounds sterling] % Cola-concentrate 1 803.
Export development programmes should emphasize impact (in EDB's case, these new approaches could include promoting business and professional services, entrepot trade and focusing on a wider range of export product sectors).
Alexandria was the focus of the Hellenic world, by far the largest city before the rise of Rome: the Greek-speaking world's greatest entrepot and its intellectual powerhouse.
Though benefiting from Indian subsidy, Singapore was in its early years not unlike a traditional entrepot, understandably described as Kota Bahru by the indigenous traders who frequented it.
We believe (those companies) will continue to use Hong Kong for their technical, financial, legal advice and language skills, and for investment -- the kind of services that are essential for a successful entrepot to the Chinese market," she said.
Somaliland's Red Sea port of Berbera has become "a boothing entrepot for regional livestock exports.
One of the most significant events is the VOC's sudden destruction of Banten's role as an entrepot in the inter-Asian trade, yet other key developments, such as the co-operation of the VOC with the Chinese retail traders, the marginalization of private and Javanese regent traders, or the VOC's efforts to manipulate the sugar and rice markets are discussed at some length.
As a commercial entrepot and publishing center, Venice stood at the intellectual crossroads of sixteenth-century Europe.