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Synonyms for entrenched

Synonyms for entrenched

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dug in

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established firmly and securely

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Dubai's economic recovery has become more entrenched, and the 2020 Expo bid provides the emirate critical upside potential with the gross domestic product, or GDP, growth on track to accelerate to five per cent in 2014-15, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said on Thursday.
Does he realise, no matter how miniscule this congeries of entrenched oligarchies may be, how formidable and how unchallengeable is this rapacious parasitical lot?
Now is the time for the town's fiscally resourceful, realistic, practical-minded residents to strive to eliminate the entrenched element.
By that time the terrorists had entrenched their positions in Taj Hotel, Oberoi Hotel and the Chabad House.
This method of inquiry proved particularly powerful for not only developing insights but also shattering deeply entrenched myths.
Walden Rhines, on behalf of the entrenched board of directors of Mentor Graphics Corporation, continues to distort the motivations behind our effort to seek minority Board representation.
Higher inflation is beginning to be entrenched in inflationary expectations and is likely to have an adverse effect on the well being of the poor through an erosion of real incomes.
But he adds: "If you went and asked the congregation, I think you'd find that their faith is not to be found in those types of entrenched attitudes.
There's a problem the organization identifies as critical--critical enough to change the way things are done and challenge the entrenched interests in the organization, which have contributed, mostly indirectly and not maliciously, to the crisis.
A creative and expertly crafted tale of one man's relentless and heroic struggle for more then just his own against an entrenched and powerful system of industrial abuse, Dirty Cheap is highly recommended for inclusion into community library collections.
Many experts say that part of the appeal of Islamic parties is that they are well organized, untainted by the corruption of entrenched regimes, and better able to provide social services like education and child care.
Hickman apparently had enough wrangling with the entrenched bureaucracy and the corrections workers unions.
To Bee Or Not To Bee is about the journey of a worker bee entrenched in the mindless tedium of life in the melodrone honeybee colony.
I see performance usually as a response to entrenched economics in the art world," she says--and certainly art-world economics have seldom been more entrenched than they are right now.
33) McReynolds insists that Ostrovskii was not a social critic of bourgeois mores; he had personally undergone the "tribulations of his characters trying to negotiate between entrenched habits and fresh possibilities," (39) had understood and welcomed the marketplace in art, and empathized with the figures he created.