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Synonyms for entrenched

Synonyms for entrenched

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dug in

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established firmly and securely

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BEIRUT: Speaker Nabih Berri commended the Lebanese Army operation on the northeastern border against Daesh (ISIS) militants entrenched in the area late Sunday.
he GMCA (Contracting Authority) is seeking a Provider to deliver a service through the Social Impact Bond programme (on a payments based on outcomes approach) which will offer an effective service to long-term entrenched rough sleepers.
Dubai's economic recovery has become more entrenched, and the 2020 Expo bid provides the emirate critical upside potential with the gross domestic product, or GDP, growth on track to accelerate to five per cent in 2014-15, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said on Thursday.
Does he realise, no matter how miniscule this congeries of entrenched oligarchies may be, how formidable and how unchallengeable is this rapacious parasitical lot?
Now is the time for the town's fiscally resourceful, realistic, practical-minded residents to strive to eliminate the entrenched element.
By that time the terrorists had entrenched their positions in Taj Hotel, Oberoi Hotel and the Chabad House.
Entrenched myth: Successful leaders in a turbulent world are bold, risk-seeking visionaries.
But he adds: "If you went and asked the congregation, I think you'd find that their faith is not to be found in those types of entrenched attitudes.
There's a problem the organization identifies as critical--critical enough to change the way things are done and challenge the entrenched interests in the organization, which have contributed, mostly indirectly and not maliciously, to the crisis.
Unfortunately, while Congress has failed to act, violent street gangs have expanded nationwide and become more empowered and entrenched in our communities.
Doshi added, "The Northern Manhattan market continues to attract intense investor demand, from both the entrenched players and newer institutional money.
A creative and expertly crafted tale of one man's relentless and heroic struggle for more then just his own against an entrenched and powerful system of industrial abuse, Dirty Cheap is highly recommended for inclusion into community library collections.
Many experts say that part of the appeal of Islamic parties is that they are well organized, untainted by the corruption of entrenched regimes, and better able to provide social services like education and child care.
To Bee Or Not To Bee is about the journey of a worker bee entrenched in the mindless tedium of life in the melodrone honeybee colony.
California might seem like the perfect place for an openly gay Democrat to try to unseat an entrenched Republican.