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cut of meat taken from between the ribs

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Slice the entrecote on the diagonal and arrange the slices in the sandwich.
The restaurant is small, cozy and above all warm; there is no menu to choose from only one dish served for all, which is the entrecote, a deliciously made steak served with green sauce and French fries.
This is a point that fits the record of civilization, since the earliest cities date from around 7,000 BC and a very specific part of that development was the city as entrecote, for sales or exchanges.
Eateries: Sample La Caravella's full-bodied dishes - sliced beef entrecote and thick pasta with a duck ragout - are a treat for the taste buds.
Matt's and my Wagyu Entrecote, priced at a reasonable BD24++, was cooked to perfection as was the good lady wife, Kathryn's Sirloin (BD23++) which melted in the mouth, luckily really as her mouth was sore and her lips had started to swell.
Aun hoy son, a semejanza de los de finales del siglo xix, pequenos restaurantes de barra y mesa donde se venden salchichas con ensaladas y mayonesa, papas al estilo aleman, ensalada rusa con guisantes y zanahoria, o chucrut, o se sirve entrecote y carne a la parrilla con fritas--papas fritas--.
His huge selection of Italian fine wines is designed to complement mouthwatering Yuletide dishes such as roast turkey, salmon sambuca, entrecote steak chasseur, or myriad pasta dishes.
Main dish choices include meat options; we like the entrecote steak (LE 59), served with European-standard French fries and salad, as well as a wide selection of gourmet paninis, pasta dishes and, best of all, savory crepes.
A large and laconic chef was on hand to prepare the day's varied selection - omelettes, eggs, lamb chops, entrecote, squid, prawns.
I had an entrecote that the waiter described as 4 ounces of sliced prime steak.
955683 Meat, such as steak, rump steak, tenderloin, entrecote, rib eye, small parts of tenderloin; game, meat extracts; all aforesaid goods being of South American origin; all included in Class 29.
What would have struggled to have been nicer was my entrecote steak.
Un dia que Papus atacaba con delectacion su entrecote aux pommes le pregunto como se habia hecho ayunador teniendo tan buen apetito.