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cut of meat taken from between the ribs

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Entrecote made all the running and always appeared to be on the bridle in ending up six lengths in front.
Dinner entrees include Entrecote au poivre et sa sauce Robert (ribeye steak with a Maille mustard sauce) and Pave de saumon roti a la fleur de sel (fillet of salmon).
The average Frenchman thinks nothing of eating horse, whether it's as a fine entrecote steak, minced into a burger, or squeezed into sausage, whereas we tend to turn squeamish and express disapproval at the very idea.
French restaurant Garcon, in Mermaid Quay, is serving up delights like onion soup, Entrecote with Sauce Bearnaise and an Assiette de Fromages to fans throughout the weekend.
Wings: Pierre Entrecote - a little underdone; Souhil Bon Appetit - a tasty prospect.
Other goodies worth trying include fair versions of entrecote (rib eye steak, $19.
Speciality: Entrecote with Baccarat sauce, served with chips or cooked.
The pair were beaten a short-head for second place by Entrecote.
As for the menu, appetizers as varied as lobster and porcini steamed dumplings and roasted eggplant and pepper soup are followed by tempting entrees like Sicilian entrecote or pancetta-wrapped pork loin with sweet potato souffle.
Soupe de poisson, entrecote de boeuf and pichet of ros arrived without fanfare at La Terrasse, a charming bistro tucked away on Avenue des Celtes.
Try as I might, I couldn't think of any squid farms in the Wrexham area, making me feel almost guilty I had not chosen the Denbigh entrecote steak or "Local John's own plump pork sausages".
After eating at Entrecote at the city's Checkpoint Charlie tourist attraction on Tuesday, Madge must have felt a Charlie herself for straying into the path of a camera.
The recipes included in THE FRENCH DIET will accommodate the most sophisticated palate with decadent-seeming selections such as foie gras canapes, poached oysters, entrecote steak Bordeaux-style, lobster Martinique, a variety of cheeses, and even chocolate mousse
n Entrecote - this is from between the ribs, again serve it grilled or pan fried.
Main courses of note are pancetta-wrapped Idaho trout ($18), entrecote steak frites ($21) and two braised items, lamb shank and short ribs ($20 each).