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Synonyms for entrant

Synonyms for entrant

a commodity that enters competition with established merchandise

someone who enters

one who enters a competition

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Today's New Entrants are in the vanguard of a New Health Economy that over the next decade will see today's siloed healthcare industry become a wide open health marketplace," said Kelly Barnes, PwC's U.
Agriculture is a fantastic sector to be a part of, and things are really looking up for new entrants we re witnessing an increase in applications to study agriculture at colleges across Scotland, new entrants will benefit from the new Common Agricultural Policy under both pillars 1 and 2 and past new tenants who were wholly or partly frozen out under the old system will also reap the rewards.
Besides their difficulties in winning customers away from existing banks, entrants by acquisition often are soon confronted with competition from a de novo bank organized by local citizens, at times led by the former managers of the bank acquired.
Relevant to this article is whether new entry by an airline is viewed by existing competitors as a "credible" strategy and whether incumbents and new entrants are likely to arrive at lower price competitive equilibria or higher price collusive equilibria.
Perhaps you're a first-time entrant not sure where to start?
Table 1 Total employment, February 1996, and occupational entrants between February 1995 and February 1996, by selected characteristics (numbers in thousands)
A lifeline must be attached to the entrant and run back to a tripod, wench or electrical retractor.
Allocations to the new entrants should be based on set criteria and not on the value of regionalised average entitlements, said NFU Cymru.
It is always difficult to present the spatial, lummous and tectonic qualities of a minimalist design on paper in two dimensions yet the entrant has managed to do so admirably.
Entrants in the 2006 National Green Building Awards are eligible to compete in six different categories, including Green Advocate of the Year, Green Building Program of the Year, outstanding marketing program and Project of the Year.
Entrants from Germany and Switzerland started arriving in 1981 and, with typical Teutonic efficiency, Germany dominated the event for the rest of the decade, finishing first, second and third in 1990.
Other TPO entrants have included DSM (Keltan), Equistar (Flexathene), Exxon (Vistaflex), International Synthetic Rubber (Uniprene, now from Teknor Apex), Japan Synthetic Rubber, Multibase (Multiflex), Mitsui (Milastomer), Montedison (Dutral), Ren Plastics (Ren-Flex), A.
New PwC report highlights business opportunities attracting entrepreneurial entrants to healthcare space in both developed and developing countries
NAWABSHAH -- Police arrested three groups of illegal Afghan entrants from different parts of the city, on Thursday.