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Synonyms for entrant

Synonyms for entrant

a commodity that enters competition with established merchandise

someone who enters

one who enters a competition

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Entrant Status Check will inform successful entrants how to apply for DVs for themselves and their eligible family members.
We strongly encourage entrants to complete the DV Program entry without such unnecessary cost or assistance," the Embassy stressed.
Notably, the FTC found the pins to be endorsements even though the entrants were not required to state anything about the products.
7: It is the responsibility of all entrants to seek medical advice before participating.
Entrants must be aged 16 or over, or have someone 16 or over helping them.
Interestingly, however, entry may also lead the retail prices of the access provider and of the entrant to rise above pre-entry levels.
The remorseless expansion of the regulatory state lets incumbent firms, backed by their unions, block new entrants under the banner of worker and community protection.
One could argue that the scenario presented here is somehow more appealing than the Bertrand-Nash equilibrium notion, since the price-sustainable monopoly configuration arises from a market game in which the potential entrant makes a decision regarding entry after the monopolist has announced his price.
ENTRANT ADM Retail Planning & Architecture, Inc.
NFU Cymru believes that stricter criteria on automatic `new' entrant access should apply after 2006,once the new system has had some time to establish and develop.
It is always difficult to present the spatial, lummous and tectonic qualities of a minimalist design on paper in two dimensions yet the entrant has managed to do so admirably.
Craig Huey, copywriter Bill Heim, designer Creative Direct Marketing Group, entrant
Using third-person constructions, such as referring to the entrant as "she" or "he.
Six of the early entrant school counselors were hired as the only school counselor in their building and in two cases they were the only school counselor in the district.
Provide passenger facilities, including gates for new entrants, and parking for 50% of one new entrant's flights at the West Terminal and the new East Terminal when completed.