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Synonyms for entrant

Synonyms for entrant

a commodity that enters competition with established merchandise

someone who enters

one who enters a competition

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It canvassed members at meetings across Wales and found widespread support for measures that would encourage younger entrants to the industry.
Some entrants are reluctant to include budget information, but all entries are confidential.
Incumbent carriers might match the new entrant's prices in an effort to force the new entrant to raise prices or exit from the market.
We strongly encourage entrants to complete the DV Program entry without such unnecessary cost or assistance," the Embassy stressed.
Accordingly, the promoter may, at its absolute discretion, vary or amend the promotion and the entrant agrees that no liability shall attach to the promoter as a result thereof.
Entrants should be capable of communicating in English.
The entrant observes whether the patent has been challenged and decides whether to enter into the incumbent's market and, if entry occurs, whether to infringe the patent or to invest in the generation of a non-infringing process.
If mandated employee-benefit packages won't do it, then opponents of big-box stores can use zoning boards to keep out the unwelcome new entrant.
The competition includes classes for older people, high rise flats, a best new entrant and a themed garden.
Such a program should at minimum consist of training programs; safety equipment; hazards evaluation; a designated entrant list; and comprehensive emergency plans.
Both current operators operate under BOT contracts, which state that a new entrant could not be licensed until 2009.
New Entrant Focus Areas Healthcare's New Entrants examines in-depth three areas that are especially ripe for new entrant growth: retail-based clinics, price and quality transparency and the fitness and wellness market.
New PwC report highlights business opportunities attracting entrepreneurial entrants to healthcare space in both developed and developing countries
NAWABSHAH -- Police arrested three groups of illegal Afghan entrants from different parts of the city, on Thursday.